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The Most Powerful & Effective BIO-ORGANIC Liquid Fertiliser for Cultivated Plants. BIOfertilizer Makes the Difference! NEW & Unique!


• formed a strong root system 

• increases productivity by 25-52% 

• stimulated blooming

• increases seed germinating power by 11−24%

• prolongs the shelf life of vegetables & fruits 

• yields can be obtained 2 weeks earlier 

• optimal amount of nutrients

• improved plant development

• positively impacts the soil microflora

• the quality of humus content surpasses that of stable manure or compost 4−8 times

• reduces soil density

• enriches the soil with organic matter

• positively affects the soil microflora

• great ability to contain water and good resistance

• composed of durable pellets

Healthy Plants Happy People!

Enrich poor soil with Plant Food from WormHouse™ and summer will gift fragrant flowers, sweet fruits and vegetables.

You can have a positive impact on 

the world with every choice you make.

Born In World's Most Eco-friendly Country !

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It is important for us to understand that our children can live healthy lives in a friendly environment with the least possible amounts of chemical fertilisers, which kill the soil and infuse vegetables with chemical substances.

That is why we will not give up and will continue to produce bio-organic fertiliser – vermiextract & vermicompost!